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Tiny Babe's Playhouse & Tiny Babe's Preparatory Academy's Photo

Tiny Babe's Playhouse & Tiny Babe's Preparatory Academy

4607 5th Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

Starting at $1200/mo

Babe Jackson, now has two locations. Tiny Babe's Playhouse Family Home Child Care is home away from home for your child(ren). Tiny Babe's Preparatory Academy ( is a Private Elementary School that has a Child Care facility and grade school from 1st - 5th grade.

We adore children of all ages. Those between the ages of infancy to 5 years old are especially adorable and extremely teachable. I am not your ordinary Child Care Provider. I definitely don't consider myself a babysitter. My staff and I actually spend time TEACHING your children.

At Tiny Babe's Playhouse, we are educators. No baby is too young to be exposed to educational environments. Our expertise is teaching extremely young children to excel, particularly in reading, math, and alphabets, telling time, multiplying and spelling. We have a 4 year old that just came in 6th place in a Spelling Bee. All the other children in the competition were 5 & 6 years old. They were required to spell words as tough as locomotive, stethoscope, comprehension, economical, kindergarten and much more. Of course, our goal is to make sure your child is phonemically aware so that s/he can SPELL and READ anything.

We provide 2 heart-healthy meals and 2 heart-healthy snacks per day. No fried or processed foods. We schedule educational & fun field trips, and go to the library often during the summer.

We have over 40 years of experience combined working with young children. We absolutely love teaching them and challenging their little brains. We have recently accomplished our long-time goal of opening a Private Elementary School that houses child care & school-aged students in 1st through 5th grade.

Our facilities teach American Sign Language (ASL), Spanish, History, Science & Global Studies. Three to four (3 to 4) years of your child being enrolled in our child care your child is GUARANTEED to be at least 3, yes THREE years academically advanced.

Enrolling your child early (as young as infant stages) is best. Why? Because we can GUARANTEE by the time your child is 4 years old, they'll be able to read on a 1st or 2nd grade level, write, do basic math, tell time, ACADEMICALLY prepared for 1st grade, and know their phonics so well they'll be able to help YOU with misspelled words. :-)

"We make sure learning is fun". So call us and schedule a tour of our facility. You are sure to be pleased.

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Auntie Em's Childcare's Photo

Auntie Em's Childcare

8721 E Plata Ave, Mesa, AZ

Starting at $160/wk

CLOSED DURING SUMMERS AND OTHER GPS SCHOOL BREAKS--- If you are a teacher or work for a school district, we may be a great fit!

As both a childcare provider, and a mother who has previously worked outside the home myself, I understand firsthand how important it is to have a dependable, qualified childcare provider that loves your child as you do, and treats them as their own! There's nothing better than getting a picture text message during the day to see the fun your child is having, or a daily written summary of your child's moods, eating habits, and activities, and knowing that they are well taken care of in your absence. Good communication between the parent and provider helps make sure all parties are happy, especially your little one. I understand the dynamic of being a working mother and would love to get to know your child to see if my family childcare would be a good fit!

Just as I take my own children to the park, story-time at the library, and playgroup, I would consider your child a member of the family while at our home, and expected to join in on the fun! I respect individual parenting styles, communicate well about routines and preferences, understand the seriousness of food allergies, teach preschool objectives while playing, such as colors, numbers, patterns, and sight words. I also enjoy sharing my musical talents of singing and playing the piano with children. The kids also love to help with the vegetable garden, which gets them excited about eating healthy!

As a college graduate with a Psychology degree, I have taken courses in child development, behavior theories, and parenting styles, etc. Your child will be played with, talked to, well-fed, sung to and loved! He or she will have fun friends to play with all day, and will have a variety of fun experiences with myself and our daycare friends while you work hard for your family each day!

I am both infant and adult CPR certified and First Aid certified through May, 2023. I am also a registered childcare provider with the Arizona Resource and Referral organization. Several recommendations of my childcare skills can be provided at your request.

My home and yard are clean and safe. There are plenty of toys and activities to share. No swimming pool. The only pet we have is a baby Sulcata tortoise. We try to practice kindness, friendship, helpfulness, and respect in our home! Crossroads are off the 202, at Ellsworth and Guadalupe. I look forward to meeting you and your child!
Reviewed by Kellie 5/5 stars
We LOVE Miss Emmie's! My daughter attended Miss Emmie's day care for the past two years until she was old enough to attend kindergarten. With past sitters, my daughter expressed reluctance, but not when taking her to Miss Emmie. She plans daily activities that provide a learning and enriching environment for those she watches. Additionally, she provided lunches taking that additional responsibility off of my plate. As a parent, it is difficult to leave your children behind to go to work, but I never felt this way when my daughter was in her care. We will miss my daughter attending Miss Emmie's and I would and have recommended her to those who are looking for a safe loving environment for their children.
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